The Healthy Weight Loss Diet
Simple, Safe and Everlasting

Choosing a healthy weight loss diet is a great way to prevent any unwanted health issues while becoming the weight you want to be.   Simply it is a great way to lose weight and keep it off, but not at the expense of our health.

Well here is an abundance of information that can help make this journey a whole lot easier. 

Healthy Weight Loss Diet

I had struggled with weight loss and illness since my teens and for years I knew I was headed for trouble.  I didn’t hit the obesity levels yet, but was overweight.  

Actually the only way I could tie my shoes was by sitting down first.  I also do not miss my thighs rubbing together and difficulty breathing. 

Since then I have spent countless hours studying, researching and experimenting with every diet plan out there and analyzed medical books, journals and all the self help books available. 

After 20 years you figure out what works and what doesn't, but it was only about 9 years ago that I reached a breaking point and actually solved my weight issues.

The following links listed below are amazing tools and a wealth of information to get you started, keep you focused and help maintain your weight loss success.

The Very Best Part:

Once you know how to help yourself then you can share this information and take care of your family, friends and loved ones so that they can lose weight too. 

It ‘s kind of the way it works, as you get stronger, healthier and more confident it is so much easier to help others and it feels so great to give back.

From my experience these are the things that helped me out the most:

Step One:

A healthy weight loss diet first requires us to take a good look at ourselves.  Once we have a better understanding of what makes us tick then we are ready to take action.

Useful Links

Self Esteem Test

Motivation for Weight Loss

Motivation Techniques

Motivational Worksheets

Step Two:

We also need to look at our eating and drinking habits and how our bodies actually work, things such as metabolism and liver function that directly affect our body weight.

Useful Links

Food Addiction Help

What Causes Obesity


Natural Constipation Remedy

Liver Function

Understanding Metabolism

Step Three:

Of course to achieve a healthy weight loss diet we must know the right foods to eat and how to eat them.

Useful Links

Liver Loving Foods

Benefits of Soups

Soup Recipes

Food Combining

Food Combining Chart

Healthy Food List

Low Calorie Snacks

The Truth About Sugar

Step Four:

It never hurts to have a few handy weight loss tools around.

Useful Links

Healthy Body Weight

Exercise Calorie Counter

Body Weight Charts

Body Mass Index

BMI Calculator

Fitness Trackers

My Fitness Pal

What Does it Take to Lose One Pound

Once you gain this knowledge your everyday decisions become easier and soon your challenges will become successes.

Wishing you health and happiness

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