Choosing Fitness Wear That Works Best For You

Choosing the right fitness wear can help make all activities much more enjoyable.

From the tip of your head down to your toes, it’s important to feel comfortable.

Though everyone has their own style and preference of what fits and works well for them, here are the most common complaints that can make a workout more uncomfortable than necessary.

Shoes that are uncomfortable.

Shoes must be the right size and be comfortable to help prevent injuries such as blisters and calluses.  

A heel collar is definitely one of my favourite features.  Making sure that the heel collar is high enough to support the back of my ankles and helps create a snug fit.

Gel or foam inserts can also be a plus.  They add a cushiony comfort while reducing impact on the body.

Insoles for your shoes?  If the shoes you have do not support the arch of your feet an insole may be able to help eliminate this problem.

Good soles means a safer shoe.  The soles should have descent grooves and treads to give you traction but most of all make sure the bottom of the shoe is made with a softer rubber.  Some running shoes have really hard rubber soles that can be extremely slippery even if they have good treads on them.

Hair sticking and getting all in your face in the middle of a workout.

Don’t forget your favorite hair scrunchies or whatever works best to keep your hair away from your face during exercise.

Uncomfortable Fabric.

Some people love cotton and others are fans of polyester or Lycra blends (also called performance fabrics).  You should stick with whichever fabric works best for you.  

Also choose materials that feel soft to the touch.  You don’t want an abrasive material rubbing and chaffing your skin during your work out.

Don’t Get Cold – Make Sure You Have Enough Layers 

Make sure that if your activities include the cold outdoors that you have the right amount of layers on to keep you warm.  

Also, it might be handy to have a cover up clothing of some type to put on after you finish your workout, so you don’t get cold as you cool off.

Choosing the right size.

Make sure you purchase fitness wear that is not to tight and that has some stretch to it. 

Almost all exercise clothing are made with some spandex in it so the material can stretch.

And on the complete opposite spectrum make sure that the clothes are not so baggy that they’ll get in the way.

Looking Good versus Comfort.

Try and be practical in this area.  We all want to look good but within our comfort zone to complete a good workout.

Fitness Wear - Conclusion

From swimming, biking to walking, whatever exercise you choose to do, try and be comfortable so that you will be more enthused to get your daily dose of physical fitness.

Wishing you health and happiness

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