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Still Struggling to Find a Healthy Weight Loss Solution That Actually Works?

  • Frustrated by the inability to lose weight and keep it off?
  • Are you tired of fad diets that leave you hungry or worse unhealthy diet pills that leave you feeling irritated or ill?
  • What if you could finally reach your desired weight and stay there permanently?

Well these were the same questions that haunted me for years until I finally figured out the things that really worked and eliminated the ones that didn’t.

There are so many misleading ads and products when it comes to weight loss it can be downright frustrating, exhausting and many times very expensive, especially for those plans where you have to purchase your meals on a regular basis.

If you’re anything like me, you have tried every diet out there and wasted your hard earned money in the process.

Some diets worked for a little while but they often left me feeling weak or dizzy with no real energy left to enjoy the day, which is definitely not my idea of healthy weight loss.

The quick fix trendy diets were so attractive by promising instant results, but the results never lasted and the worst part was gaining back more weight than what I started with.

Has that every happened to you?

No wonder there are millions of people all over the world who are still looking for real solutions when it comes to losing weight and even harder when wanting to achieve healthy weight loss.

It was low self esteem and pure frustration that led me on a mission to find out what really works.  I spent countless hours studying, researching and experimenting with every diet plan out there and analyzed medical books, journals and all the self help books I could get my hands on.  After 20 years you figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Included on this website are the things that I found that helped me the most to achieve healthy weight loss for good.

We have added a wealth of information and tools to get you started, keep you focused and to help maintain your weight loss success for good.

Here are some of the things you’ll find when surfing our site: 

  • The self esteem test – discover yourself worth
  • Motivation techniques
  • Worksheets that guide you
  • A better understanding of how digestion works to burn more calories
  • Ways to boost your metabolism
  • How to rid your body of toxins and why weight loss depends on it 
  • Discover what foods to eat and which ones to avoid
  • Eliminate frustration by avoiding diet trends that don’t work
  • Don't suffer with hunger, learn which foods you can eat in plenty

These have all been put to the test yet are simple solutions that can help us achieve healthy weight loss for good.

If you notice that I repeatedly say “Our Website”, and that’s because I want to thank my mother for the countless hours she has volunteered in sharing new and old recipes that work magic when it comes to weight loss. In fact the whole family wants to thanks her.

You see I come from a family that wasn’t genetically skinny to begin with, so for years my Mom always managed to come up with nutritious (but tasty) low calorie meals to help us out as much as possible. 

Now she couldn’t always stop us from making bad eating decisions but one thing for sure, we all knew whatever she prepared for meal times would help us with weight loss.  So from all of us, we Love you Mom & Thanks.

Our site offers well over a hundred pages of well researched and tested techniques and we are always adding more info and growing bigger every day.  It has been and keeps being an amazing and fulfilling journey.

We hope you come back and visit our website often...

Because I honestly believe how you feel changes everything.  

Wishing you health and happiness