Detox Your Body
 Re-energize Your Life

Why should you detox your body and how often?

It’s like a way of starting off fresh or becoming refreshed may be a better word.

For anyone who is overweight, has bags under the eyes or just feels plain tired as if life is passing you by, a body cleanse or detoxification can be just what the doctor ordered.

Why bother detoxing your body?

Over time our bodies build up toxins from the air we breathe, chemicals in the foods we eat and the water we drink.

Our bodies also absorb chemicals through the skin from perfumes, soaps and other everyday toiletries we may use.

No matter how healthy we try to live, we are surrounded by pollutants and chemicals on a constant basis.

The body can rid itself of some of these toxins but when we can’t eliminate them all they start to accumulate, making it hard for our bodies to function properly.

When our organs, such as the liver, become overloaded with toxins the body cannot break down fat efficiently, causing weight gain.

Other symptoms you could experience are fatigue, digestive problems, gas and bloating, depression, the inability to lose weight and a multitude of other negative symptoms could bombard us.

Improved Liver Function and Weight Loss go Hand in Hand:

One of the most important weight loss tools would have to be improving liver function. Doing a detox is a great way to help cleanse this hard working organ.

Click here to learn more about liver function and which liver loving foods to start eating to shed those pounds.

Any good dietary program should include a regular regime to detox your body for optimal health.

It is not just for weight loss, a body detox also helps clean your organs, glands and bloodstream.

You will feel more energized with an added sparkle in your eyes, glowing skin and the desire to live life with extra passion.

So what does it mean to detoxify the body?

It simply means consuming more healthy foods and beverages while trying to avoid junk foods, smoking or heavy alcohol consumption.

How often should you cleanse or detox your body?

A body cleanse is something that is fairly easy to accomplish and we should try to do a mini fast once every month.

The general rule is:

  • A 3 day fast can help rid the body of toxins and cleanses the blood
  • A 5 day fast will start healing and rebuilding the immune system
  • A 10 day fast can take care of many health concerns and fight off illnesses

Here are a couple of cleanses you can do that are very advantageous.

The Juice Fast

This type of cleanse has become extremely popular because it supplies the body with much needed vitamins, minerals, nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants while you lose weight and cleanse your body.

The Raw Food Fast

This clean eating is convenient if you don’t have a juicer at your disposal or if you do not wish to detoxify on liquids alone.

It is a great way to cleanse your body and digestive system.

Drink Lemon Water
The benefits of lemon water will amaze you, how can something so simple be so effective with helping the body detox and with weight loss.  You'll want a cup of this every morning.

Liver Detox Drink
This liver detox drink is easy to make and taste like an orange smoothie.  Though effective it is gentle on the system and can be enjoyed even twice a day.

The Fat Burning Detox Drink
This detox drink contains an abundance of liver cleansing antioxidants, increases metabolism, helps regulate blood sugar and so much more.

The Sugar Detox
Looking for a sugar detox to cleanse the system and help eliminate those cravings?more.

Spoonful of Detox
I’d like to share a simple recipe with you that helps detox the body and quite simply makes you feel great.  

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