The Self Esteem Test
Discover Your Self Worth

The self esteem test brings us to ask ourselves, who am I?

We all want to gain confidence and the respect of others and we want to achieve this by being our own unique self. It is important to love who you are and recognize that you play an important part in this world.

In fact it is so important that even back in 1943, a man called Abraham Maslow had a theory to share about it. His theory was finally published in 1954 and was called "Motivation and Personality". You probably know it better today called Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

He created a pyramid to show the importance of certain needs for humans to sustain a healthy and productive life, and you got it, self esteem is one of the important needs to successfully survive.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is still used by health professional to this day.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

The Self Esteem Test

Written below are some helpful building blocks that are sure winners to gain you respect from others and enhance self-esteem.

Self Discovery

A big part of the self esteem test is knowing who we are in everyday life. Have you ever heard that saying to get respect you have to give respect?

It is probably a fair statement that we should treat others the same way we would like to be treated.

For Example:

Be kind to others

Keep promises you make and be truthful. Breaking either one of these actions on a continual basis will just make people lose respect for you and your word.

Gain confidence from your achievements. When you are confident it shines through in your personality and that can be quite attractive to others.

Learn from your mistakes but don’t dwell on the negative.
Consider mistakes a learning tool to improve and then move on.

Self discovery is a process of analyzing how we feel and react to things, a true knowledge of who we are. We are all human and no one is flawless, but there is always room for self improvement.

After all, if you were amongst a group of people wouldn’t you rather be that spark in the crowd that ignites enthusiasm and attracts people to you, or that bad apple that turns people off.

Self Worth

Don’t label yourself or others

Name calling, stereotyping or labeling can be damaging even when we do it to ourselves.

Have you ever called yourself stupid, even if it was quietly in your thoughts? We tend to start believing what we keep telling ourselves or what others keep telling us.

Giving Praise

Praise yourself and others for a job well done. If a job wasn’t well done, think of the effort that was put into it and the experience you gain.

This type of mind set will get you, your friends and family members much farther ahead.

Nourish your body and fuel your mind

To produce the quality of life you desire will depend on your level of mental and physical health.

You will have increased energy levels to improve self-esteem and body image if you eat and drink healthy. When we nourish our bodies with lots of water rich foods and use

Higher energy levels mean more efficient body functions. When your body is running efficiently you feel better. This will help you be at your best every day.

Exercise to improve breathing and oxygen intake

Adding exercise or deep breathing to your daily routine is essential for improving oxygen levels in your body.

It doesn’t take much common sense to realize that oxygen is one of the most important elements to maintain good health.

Any form of exercise is good whether it is to tone your muscles, slim down, strengthen your heart, reduce stress levels, increase your energy, and improves body image, just to list a few.

Inspirational self talk

Yes, go ahead and talk to yourself, preferably when there is no one around. Or do a little pep talk quietly, in your thoughts.

List all the qualities you like about yourself and repeat them as often as you need to. Some people may call it brain washing, but if you are reinforcing positive qualities you possess which produce positive results, call it what you want, successful.

Acknowledging our flaw

It is probably just as important to recognize our flaws so we can improve or eliminate them.  This is another important part of the self esteem test.

Self Esteem

Body Image – We are all unique

Body image and self-esteem go hand in hand. If we don’t feel good about the way we look or we think others perceive us in a negative way, this will diminish self esteem.

It’s not uncommon to hear statements like, I’m too fat, or I wish I was taller.

Accepting yourself and your own attractiveness is of vital importance.

Implement the above mentioned building blocks to improve body image and let this self esteem test help let your sparkling personality shine through.

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