Fitness Trackers
What features are you looking for?

Fitness trackers (also known as sports watches) are becoming extremely popular.

If you want to move more, sleep better, and improve your overall health,  fitness trackers can help. 

They can also make a great gift for someone you care about on any holiday or special occasion.

We have collected information on the most popular fitness trackers and placed it in an easy to read table  for your review and for your convenience.  This will hopefully make selecting one much easier.

What can fitness trackers do?

Depending on the make, model and cost they are able to offer quite an abundance of information. 

We created this chart as a quick way to start off:

MisFit Flash - Around $20

Measures activity and sleep
Syncs with your Smartphone
Comes in a variety of colors
Helps motivate you to reach your goals
Tracks walking, running, cycling, tennis, yoga, dancing along with other sports.
Misfit app takes all that data and turns it into easy to read charts to see your progress
Tracks steps, calories, distance
Soft touch plastic
Durable and water resistant
Battery never requires charging and last up to 6 months

Jawbone Up Move -  Around $30

Is black with a black clip
Voted the best Budget fitness tracker
Helps motivate you to get fit and lose weight
Tracks exercise, calories burned, monitors sleep
Compatible with iOS and Android
Is not waterproof

Moov Now - Around $45 - $80

The Moov Now tracker helps track walking, running, cycling, swimming and daily activity
It also tracks sleeping, has real time coaching has a vocal feedback (like a coach) 
Offers 12 guided workouts
Works with iOS and Android
Battery is not rechargeable and lasts about 6 months

Fitbit Flex - Around $90

Has no screen, so you obtain all the information from it on your phone or computer
Consumers say it is easy to use and helps motivate them
Tracks your daily exercise
Encourages a healthier lifestyle
Calculates how many calories you have burned
Calculates how many steps you have taken
Is said to be quite accurate
User friendly and comfortable

Fitbit Charge HR -  Around $141

Continuously Tracks heart rate
Automatic Sleep Tracking
Comfortable, made of soft black rubber
But Limited notifications
Screen doesn't stay on

Basis Peak - Around $145

Automatically detects what you are doing whether it is sleeping, walking, running or swimming
Water resistant
Helps motivate you
Monitors your heart rate
Does not have GPS capabilites
At this time cannot notify you of incoming calls but they are working on a software upgrade

Fitbit Surge - Around $245

Offers GPS Tracking
Heart rate monitor
Tracks all day activities such as steps, walking, distance, calories burned
Monitors your sleep and has silent alarm available
Shows you incoming calls and texts on a touch screen display
Syncs all your stats wirelessly to your computer and with other smart phones

Garmin Vivoactive  - Around $261 with heart rate monitor (less expensive version can be purchased without the heart rate monitor)

Offers thin display with high resolution and color screen.  You can also read the screen in the sunlight.
Has built in GPS
Tracks running, biking, swimming, golfing and other activities.
Smartphone friendly, as it will alert you of incoming calls, texts and emails and more.
Battery lasts about 10 hours with GPS


It is imperative that you do some good research before making a purchase.

There are many sports watches (trackers) to choose from and the best way to choose the right one is buy doing a fair amount of research before making a purchase.

One great way of getting more information is by going through the customer reviews on Amazon.  It takes some time to filter through all the reviews but they offer a plethora of information.

Of course we know that fitness trackers are still relatively new to the market and still have plenty of room for improvement.

Manufacturers are doing a great job with improving their products with higher accuracy and more functions on a daily basis.  Who knows what the future will bring.

For now these trackers a wide variety of choice and price to get you into the swing of things.

Wishing you health and happiness


Product information for this article was researched and written in November, 2015.

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