Motivation Techniques 
Help Ignite Your Inner Spark

Motivation techniques that create pleasure, not pain, for your healthy weight loss success.

These simple suggestions can help you stay on track and achieve your weight loss goals.

Some diet plans can make you feel deprived and starved. It’s no wonder that so many people fail with certain diets. It shouldn’t have to be that way.

Others cost an arm and a leg to buy their special meal plans. Those types of diets are just too out of reach financially, for many of us.

These helpful motivation techniques will definitely make healthy weight loss much more pleasurable.

Motivation Techniques that Inspire

Write out your future goals

It is important to know exactly what you want to achieve and why. It’s like keeping a journal about your life and you are the star.

Remind yourself the benefits you will gain by sticking to it and always picture the happy outcome in your mind.

Set everyday goals that will become long time achievements.

Know what you want and then take action, because without action it will only be a dream and not a reality.

Motivational Tips

Post inspirational notes and photos

Try posting motivational notes or photos of people that inspire you when starting your new healthy life style. Post these in an area where you can see them every morning when you start your day.

Putting pictures of your kids and loved ones on a desk nearby may move you closer to your goals.

We all know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can add years to your life. What a great way to be there for your family and friends for years to come.

Reward yourself

One way in making your healthy weight loss journey more pleasurable is to recognize your achievements. Sticking to your goals for a whole week definitely calls for a treat or mini celebration.


Because it takes a lot of hard work to go without your favorite foods for a long time and learn to change your lifestyle.

So treat yourself. You can buy yourself a little gift or have that snack you’ve been missing. Treating yourself once a week is truly okay.

Motivation Techniques that Help with Everyday Obstacles

Feeling Hungry is actually good for you. Want to Know Why?

When you are hungry your body is cleansing itself which aids in weight loss.

Do you every get that rumbling hungry feeling in your tummy. That feeling is actually a good thing.

When we have less food in our tummies our bodies are in cleaning mode. Toxins are being eliminated and calories are being burned. You can always have a glass of water to fill you up until your next meal.

It’s always a good thing to be hungry for an hour or two if you can manage it.

If some days that hungry feeling becomes intolerable, then check out the next tip below.

Don’t starve yourself

Eat, but reach out for real foods, not processed foods.

Not only are real foods nutritious and nutritious and delicious, they can be purchased right at your local grocery store or farmers market.

You know exactly what you are eating. No preservatives, no chemicals and no surprises; just real food.

So go ahead and eat as many fruits and veggies to satisfy your hunger between meals.

You can also have a fresh glass of juice to fill up.

is an amazing weight loss tool are there are many juicing recipes to choose from.

Your weight scale could be hindering your progress

When starting a new life style change we are motivated and enthused.

Many of us become so enthused that we expect to see miraculous results almost instantly. Don’t be fooled. Things don’t happen overnight, but they will happen.

Weighing yourself everyday may become discouraging if you think the results are not happening fast enough. This may distract you from focusing on your long term goals.

Weigh yourself only once a week. If you are on the right track you will show positive results that will keep you motivated for the long term.

Focus on the now as you picture the future

Sounds like opposing ideas, doesn’t it? Not really.

Just keep in mind, as you start losing weight, focus on the right foods to eat and not the number of pounds you have lost. The pounds you shed will start slowly first. This is normal and healthy.

Once you’ve adjusted your body to the right kind of foods you can always accelerate your weight loss by fine tuning your diet intake. The future can be picture perfect; it just takes day to day focus to get there.

Motivation Techniques that Give Us a Reality Check

Your only human get used to it

Once you’ve started, don’t worry if you fall off the wagon. Just get right back where you left off.

Everyone is different so you should never compare yourself with anyone else. You are your own unique individual.

Remember, you are only human and nobody is perfect. As long as you stick to your goals with only the occasional downfall, all will be fine. Just make sure that you learn to forgive yourself on those few occasions.

Food Awareness

We have to stop eating anything we want at any time. There are consequences for this way of eating. It is only good practice to think before we reach and stuff our mouths.

Choose wisely and avoid junk foods. Pick your favorite healthy foods and enjoy. You will feel better and more energized.

But in time you won’t miss the junk food anymore. When you start seeing the changes in your weight, feeling your energy levels rise chances are you won’t be reaching out for a junk food treat too often.

Healthy meals will become the norm and your digestive system won’t appreciate unhealthy meal choices anymore.

Motivation Techniques that Can Be Time Savers

Plan ahead for next day simplicity

Every task flows easier when you have a plan. Once you have chosen your meal plans for tomorrow or even a few days ahead, try to prepare.

Make sure the ingredients you need are in your fridge and ready to go. If you wash and clean all the vegetables ahead of time, it makes things so much easier when you need to prepare your meals.

This motivation technique is a time saver on those busy days.

If you can, try to get your family members involved in the kitchen to help you clean the produce.

Many hands make light work and you will have access to clean fruits and vegetables when needed for the days to come.

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