Kids Smoothies and Healthy Juices
Drinkable Nutrition Made Easy

Kids smoothies are healthy juices that can offer a wide variety of delicious drinkable nutrition that the whole family can enjoy. Get them off the pop wagon and into the fruit zone.

These fruit juices are real winners for an
after school treat and at parties.

Kids Smoothies Recipes

Slushy Love
1 banana - peeled
2 ripe peaches – washed and pitted
1 cup raspberries – washed well
6 frozen cubes of frozen orange juice

Place all ingredients into blender and blend until slushy but smooth enough to enjoy. Pour into glasses. Add a splash of soda water for a fizzy affect (optional).

Vitamin C Blast
½ a papaya – peeled, pitted and sliced
2 kiwis – peeled and sliced
1/2 mango – peeled, pitted and sliced
1 cup of seedless green grapes – removed from stems
1 orange - peeled
1 grapefruit - peeled

Push orange, grapefruit and grapes through juicer. Then add this juice to remaining ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Serve as is or over ice.

Kids Fun Frozen Pops
2 apples
1 banana – peeled
1 cup seedless red grapes
1 cup blackberries

Juice the apples and grapes in your juicer, then add this juice to all other ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

You may use a Popsicle maker or regular ice cube tray, which ever you have handy. If using an ice cube tray fill the sections with the mixture and freeze for about ½ an hour. Then push a wooden Popsicle stick into each section, place back into freezer until solid and ready to use.

Mango Raspberry Zipper
1 mango – peeled, pitted and sliced
¾ cup raspberries
¾ cup of milk (use the milk choice of your preference such as almond milk, rice milk, soy milk or regular milk).

Blend all ingredients in a blender. Taste and add 1-2 tbsp honey if desired and blend for a few more seconds.

If you want to serve this mixture really cold, then freeze the raspberries first before mixing.

Summer Time Punch
1 cup strawberries – washed and De-stemmed
½ a pineapple – peeled and sliced
1 cup of seedless red grapes – removed from stems
1 large oranges – peeled
1 apple – washed
6 cubes of frozen orange juice

Push all the fruit through the juicer leaving the apple for last. Then add juice and ice into a blender and blend until slushy.

Pink Pizzazz
2 ½ cups fresh strawberries – washed well with stems removed
2 good sized apples
1 cup of seedless grapes – washed well and removed from stems
2 tbsp honey or vanilla syrup to sweeten (optional)

Push all ingredients through a juicer leaving the apples for last. Serve plain or over ice. Add a little soda water if you would like a fizzy beverage.

The best part is they love these kids smoothies not because they are healthy but just because they are delicious.

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