Green Drink Recipes
Helps Heal and Restore the Body

These green drink recipes provide an energizing tonic that helps heal and restore the body’s balance. They also help achieve weight loss when used regularly.

You don’t have to be sick to enjoy these recipes. Many people turn to these types of healing drinks in times of illness, but they are also a great way to prevent illness, get energized and help achieve healthy weight loss.

Simply by enjoying some of these energizing tonics on a daily basis makes them a winning solution for a healthier life.

So What Are These Beverages?

These drinks are simply beverages that are made with green plants and vegetables that provide a rich source of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, nutrients and necessary enzymes.

They are a fantastic aid for cleansing our blood and help detoxify the body from all the impurities that surround us. They help build red blood cells, help heal the body, provide the body with energy and help with weight loss.

Since these green drink recipes are potent they should be consumed in moderation or diluted with water (one small glass daily works well).

Green Drink Recipes

The Power Slap
2 cups fresh parsley
2 cups fresh kale
1 cup fresh spinach leaves
2 celery stalks
½ English or field cucumber
1 medium sized apple

Morning Kick Off
1 cup of fresh kale
1 medium carrot
2 crisp apples
Sliver of garlic
Sliver of ginger

Grass in a Glass
1 cup of wheatgrass
½ cup white cabbage
1 medium sized apple

Helpful Tips:

There are a large variety of green plants and vegetables you can use such as kale, parsley, dandelion greens, wheat grass, alfalfa sprouts, barley grass, cabbage, spinach or any green vegetable that suits your taste buds.

Some people prefer adding green ingredients to their favorite vegetables juices for a wider variety of choices, flavors and health benefits.

When first creating some of these recipes use the helpful juicing tips to get you started.

Vegetables come in different sizes, freshness and firmness making it difficult to predict exactly how much juice you will get from each recipe.

No worries because it only takes a few recipes to become a pro.

Many of these vegetables (especially wheat grass) have said to be important and helpful in cancer treatment though more research is required.

Have fun creating your own wellness brand.

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