Juicing Tips

Obtain the best results from your juicer by using these helpful juicing tips.

So the time has come and you have chosen to include fresh fruit and vegetable drinks into your daily routine.

We have created a helpful list of helpful tips to make your experience more enjoyable.

The obvious reasons for juicing is to promote wellness. Whether you are battling weight loss, health issues or just want to stay healthy, this is a great first step.

So if you have a juicer or are planning to buy one we have created a helpful list of juicing tips to make this transition easy.

Juicing Tips

Helpful Tips for Juicing Success

  • Always wash all fruits and vegetables before juicing them.
  • Do not use fruits or vegetables that have gone bad or have spoiled.
  • Remove the seeds from apples as they contain small amounts of cyanide.
  • Remove any pits from your produce that may damage the juicer. These would include pits from peaches, plums, mangoes, etc. You get the idea.
  • Remove the greens from carrots and rhubarb as they can be toxic.
  • Remove the leaves from celery as they are bitter.
  • Remove the skins of oranges and grapefruit before juicing. They are bitter and can become toxic if eaten in large quantities.
  • Do not juice bananas or avocados in the juicer. Though nutritious they contain little water and will clog up the juicer.
  • Don’t be scared to add leafy veggies to your juices such as kale, dandelion, parsley, collards and spinach.
  • Always peel any veggies or fruits like you usually would. Like carrots and beets.
  • Cut your fruits and vegetables into chunks. For instance you can cut an apple into quarters. The juicer will work more efficiently if the vegetables are cut into more manageable pieces.
  • After using your juicer, rinse it out. If the juicer is left for a while it gets really hard to clean as the fiber left in the machine will harden.

We all know the importance of food combining so I have included a little tip below when combining fruits and vegetables.

Helpful Juicing Tips:

When making juice it is recommended that the only fruit you should mix with vegetables is apples.

Now this isn’t written in stone. It is just a recommended suggestion.

The reason for this is that vegetables require different enzymes for digestion than fruits. When you combine the two, you create bad digestion.

Since the whole purpose of juicing is to improve your nutritional intake, mixing fruits and vegetables together is not a good idea because you sabotage your digestion which in turn hampers your ability to absorb nutrients.

The only exception is apples which have a neutral effect when added to vegetables.

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Have Fun Experimenting.

Wishing you health and happiness.

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