Simple Walking Program
The Power of Movement

Got a Desk Job?
This walking program is a great way to begin a lifetime of physical fitness.

This exercise is easy to do and requires no special clothing or equipment besides a descent pair of shoes and socks.

One of the biggest problems many of us share today (including me) is having a so called desk job. Yes, any job that keeps you practically glued to a chair, in front of a computer for most of the day. But what can you do when you got to make a living?

Which category are you in?

Knowing where to begin is half the battle.

This means you have a lifestyle or a job which gives you little chance to be on your feet. Yes, this includes those darn sit down jobs again.

Also lifestyle habits may decrease levels of activity such as avoiding taking the stairs because it is physically challenging or just doesn’t seem like it is worth the extra effort.

Moderately active: 
Your lifestyle or job involves standing often throughout the day. You may need to carry things or move around a fair bit to get the job done.

Your home life may include gardening, mowing the lawn or active housework such as vacuuming.

Your lifestyle or job requires a good amount of physical activity. This means you are on your feet pretty much all day, examples could be waitressing or working in construction. 

The Simple Walking Program
For Beginners

Week One

If you consider your activity level to be inactive please start here at week one.

Begin by walking 10 minutes every day at a pace that you are comfortable with. Don’t worry if you are just leisurely strolling when you are first beginning.

The whole point of week one is just to get started and try to incorporate a little extra walking every day.

Week Two

For week two keep walking 10 minutes daily but now focusing a little more on how you walk. Try to improve on speed, posture and arm movement.

What does that mean? Walk tall, try maintaining good posture with your shoulders square. Also move your arms swinging them to your pace and keeping a rhythm as you walk. By doing this you burn extra calories, improve your workout and strengthen your arms.

Week Three

In week three increase your walk to 20 minutes a day still focusing on improving speed, posture and arm movement.

Week Four

In week four increase your walk to 30 minutes a day. By this time you have probably discovered what walking speed is right for you.

What an achievement, a vigorous 30 minutes walk daily can dramatically improve your health. Way to Go!


If you have to miss a day of walking for whatever reason, no worries, just remember to put your walking shoes on the next day.

Walking Program
You’re Not a Beginner Anymore

When you have successfully incorporated a 30 minute vigorous walk into your daily routine you also start enjoying the benefits of walking and improved health.

A job well done and you need to go no further if this suits your life well. But some may want to do more and ask what can I do next?

The sky’s the limit, it is really up to you. Would you like to increase your daily walk to 60 minutes a day or perhaps join a walking club and meet new people?

Others may even go on to hiking, speed walking or jogging depending on the desire and health level they are at.

Places to Enjoy Your Walking Program

Walking trail
Hiking trail
The local park
Around the block
Shopping Malls
Schools tracks
Walking tours
Join a walk-a-thon (for fun or charity events)

As with all fitness programs it is always recommended to speak to your Doctor or Health Care Professional before starting.

Wishing you health and happiness

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