Twin Gear Juicers
Seriously Superb

Twin gear juicers (also known as triturating juicers) usually come with a higher price tag but are well worth it for the die hard juicer.

twin gears for juicer

How do they Work?

You place the produce into the chute just as with other units.

But this unit has two interlocking gears that crush and squeeze the juice out of fruits and vegetables.

When in use this machine produces little heat which is a huge benefit.

The lower the heat in the process the more vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes are preserved in your drinkable beverage, making this unit a popular choice for die hard juicers.

You can purchase a descent twin gear unit for about $400 to $500.


  • Makes larger quantities of juice with the same amount of produce

  • Produces a juice that has a longer shelf life and can be kept in the fridge easily for 48 – 72 hours

  • The twin gears triturates or crushes the fruits and vegetables at a low heat preserving more nutrients and enzymes for a healthier beverage

  • Has no problems juicing wheatgrass and leafy greens compared to centrifugal juicers

  • Though many others may disagree I find the twin gear juicers easier to clean than the centrifugal models. This is just my own personal experience

  • Twin gear juicers are much quieter than centrifugal juicers

Here's a picture of our Green Power Juicer, it works amazing and we love it.  

Twin Gear Juicer


  • Unit is usually more expensive to buy

  • It takes more time to make a glass of juice as the machine works at a lower speed (but remember that lower speed equals lower heat equals more nutrients and enzymes)

  • Has a smaller opening, therefore more preparation time is needed to cut up the fruits and veggies into smaller pieces to fit into the feeding tube or chute

  • May not be the best machine for a beginner


    If you are not sure you will be juicing on a regular basis it's kind of pricey if the unit doesn't get used much, but if your planning to be a regular juicer, it's a good choice and well worth it.
  • parts are not dishwasher safe
  • Conclusion:

    If you enjoy juicing on a regular basis this type of juicer is a great choice.

    They are preferred by die hard juicers because of the high nutrient and enzyme value they provide along with a good volume of juice they squeeze out of the produce. 

    Read here why the Green Power Juicer has become one of the number one picks for juicing.


    Wishing you health and happiness

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