Fun or Fitness?

Trampolining is not only for the kids. It can be great fun and exercise for us adults too.

In fact many health experts feel it is one of the best ways to achieve aerobic fitness as it can be done with minimal stress, pain or fatigue.

It's no wonder that this form of exercise is regularly used by many athletes.

This type of jumping up and down is called rebounding and the benefits are totally amazing.

It's hard to determine the exact amount of calories you can burn but many studies show that rebounding can burn more calories than even jogging can, which makes it a great weight loss helper.

Of course, as with any exercise, the amount of calories burned depends on the duration and effort of physical activity.

The one nice thing about rebounding is that most days it doesn't fell like a chore at all. It's really fun.

Trampolining for Exercise

Trampolining benefits:

• Great for weight loss – improves metabolism and helps burn fat

• Improves flexibility and balance

• Improves muscle tone by strengthening your arms, calves, legs, hips, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, giving you a leaner body 

• Strengthens every organ in your body by enhancing body fluid circulation, which is achieved by that up and down bouncing  motion (so important for disease prevention)

• Provides every cell in your body with increase oxygen levels, which helps you detoxify (also important for disease prevention).  This is all due to the force of gravity created by the up and down motion and improved breathing. There is nothing like deep breathing to cleanse the body.

• Used by many health professionals for cancer prevention and cancer treatments.

Why?  Because studies have shown that cancer cells cannot grow when oxygen levels are high.

That is why rebounding (that up and down bouncing motion) is so important because it helps separate every cell in your body, increasing oxygen levels and oxygen absorption. 

It’s no wonder why so many people have turned to rebounding. 

• An amazing way to achieve aerobic heart health fitness and is achieved with minimal stress, pain or fatigue (less stress on the body than running)

• Rebounding can burn more calories than jogging depending on duration and physical effort  

• Fun for the kids too.  They mainly love the bouncing sensation without realizing how great the health benefits are.  It’s a great way to get them away from the computer or TV for a little while.  

• Fantastic for seniors. Many seniors love the rebounder because it is gentler on the body and bones than many other forms of exercise while still achieving all the health benefits listed above in the comfort of their own home.  For those who need a little help with keeping their balance there are special holding bars that can be used to make it easy. 

The benefits are great and it is no coincidence that you see more and more trampolines in homes and backyards today.

Decided to Jump In?

You will need to do a little homework before buying one because there are several types to choose from.

Things to consider will be size, shape, warranty and what age group will be using the equipment.

Once you learn how to use one it can be great family fun on top of being a great workout.

Happy Jumping

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