The Lunch Box Diet

Hollywood’s Latest Weight Loss Trend

They call it The Lunch Box Diet and its Hollywood’s latest weight loss trend though it’s rising in popularity because people all over the world rely on their so called lunch box or brown bag to get them through the day.

It all started in the United Kingdom and was created by a man called Simon Lovell who is a personal trainer.

Now this idea has been around for about 5 years but seems to be growing in popularity more so lately.

It's a way to help get you thin, not by controlling how much you eat but by eating smaller amounts every hour to boost your metabolism.  Of course what you eat every hour is of great importance. 

So here is how the diet works.  Take your lunch box or brown bag(use a big one if you have one) and fill it with the foods that are listed below and you can eat these foods every hour throughout the day as you like. 

So again the point of it all is eating small portions of healthy foods every hour which elevates your metabolism while still consuming foods that are low in calories, high in nutrition and still keep you full.

To make the Lunch Box Diet more successful it is recommended that you choose a healthy meal at breakfast and dinner while still enjoying your lunch box foods pretty much throughout the day. 

Just make sure when you snack throughout the day, even though they suggest you can eat as much as you want, try to keep the portions small so that you train yourself to feel full on smaller amounts of food.

Lovell has created this plan for Hollywood celebrities who are in need to keep slim for T.V. and/or the big screen.

It is recommended that The Lunch Box Diet should contain 60 % vegetables, 30 % lean proteins and the list is as follows:

Vegetables Can Include:

Sugar snap peas
Chili pepper

Proteins Can Include:

Grilled chicken
Turkey Breast

Dressings can include:

Olive Oil

It doesn’t matter if celebrities (or other willing participants) stay on this diet for 7 days, 30 days or even longer, they can continue this diet until they feel they have reached their desired body weight.

The book written by Simon is called “Eating from the Box” and goes into more detail regarding his celebrity trend.  Though if you ask me I just can’t see most celebrities brown bagging it (ha ha).

The book does not offer any exercise guidance besides just stick to your existing regime if you have one.

For those of you who wish to investigate further you can get a copy here:

Wishing you health and happiness

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