Homemade Horseradish
A Liver Loving Condiment

It’s truly easy to make homemade horseradish and I can’t tell you how great it is to have a batch always made up handy and ready in the fridge.

On my page called benefits of horseradish root I go into great detail about the healthy benefits this root vegetable offers and believe me, there are lots of benefits.

We know it is great as a condiment adding pizzazz to roast beef, or mixed with mayonnaise as a sandwich spread or adding it to ketchup to make a delicious seafood sauce.


Step by Step Video - How to Make Homemade Horseradish:

Important Update for Horseradish Recipe:  April 30, 2021

Please take note of the following two changes in this recipe before watching the video .

We have deleted the sugar as one of the ingredients as we now know today that sugar adds no value to this recipe.  God bless Grandma though, because she always added a little.

Also an important change to note is that the vinegar should always be added at the very end.  Adding the vinegar at the end will help the horseradish retain its strength.  So if you like your horseradish strong then add the vinegar at the very end.

Recipe to Make Homemade Horseradish:


2 cups diced freshly washed and peeled horseradish root
1 cup water
2 tbsp. white vinegar
1 tbsp. salt


Add all ingredients except the vinegar into a blender and grate for about 2 – 4 minutes depending on the consistency you like.  You can go from a grated texture to fairly smooth. 

After you reach the desired consistency then add the vinegar and blend only for a few seconds until mixed (no need to overmix). Adding the vinegar to the mixture at the very end helps preserve the strength of the horseradish, so if you like your horseradish strong then add the vinegar at the very end.

You can achieve a creamy texture by blending it with mayonnaise but I personally like to keep the grated/blended horseradish as natural as possible so that I can make different things with it.

If the horseradish you buy is fresh it should produce a nice hot horseradish.

Do you prefer mild horseradish sauce? 

If that is the case than you have to grate the horseradish  and immerse it into boiling water for about 10 – 15 seconds which will make the sauce much milder.  

You can then drain the boiled radish, cool, add the rest of the ingredients and blend, just as the above recipe.

Unfortunately heat destroys much of the nutritional goodness that this vegetable root offers just like the store bought sauces. 

That’s because most store bought sauces (even most fruit juices) go through a vigorous heat process that depletes much of their natural goodness.

Want to add another liver loving food to this recipe?

When making a batch of this amazing medicinal condiment grate 3 – 4 large cloves of fresh garlic with the other ingredients listed above to give this sauce an extra kick.  Not only delicious but one can only describe this mixture as superbly healthy. 

My Grandma’s Recipe to Breathe Easier:

One of my favorite benefits of horseradish is this simple recipe I use when I want to help clear and strengthen my lungs.  This is a definite plus when you're congested. 

I try to have a fresh batch of horseradish sauce handy in the fridge at all times (specially the one made with fresh garlic) so I can do a little lung cleanse if necessary.  Heck, you can do this daily if you like.

 It's easy and I eat the following combination 1 or 2 times daily when needed.

 ½ teaspoon of horseradish sauce with ½ teaspoon of liquid honey 

You just eat the mixture as is and it feels delightfully warm.   It helps your lungs expand and fill up with air and since I know that this vegetable root is a liver loving food and high in antioxidants it feels advantageous to eat a little every day.  Plus I love the sweetness of the honey.  It is definitely a winning combination.

Wishing you health and happiness

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