The Holiday Diet
Going on Vacation?

The Holiday Diet is a 14 day weight loss program that was created by László Bischof, a naturopath from Hungary.

Holiday Diet

It is a way to lose weight fast when you need to drop 10 – 15 pounds quickly before going on vacation or preparing for an upcoming special occasion (perhaps a wedding).

We have included this diet in detail at the end of this article.

Before food combining and juicing helped me to reach my healthy body weight, I used this diet for many occasions and it really works.

It is recommended that dieters are asked to consult their doctor or health care professional before starting any weight loss program.

How does it Work?

There are a couple of different factors involved, first of all the calorie intake is less than then the output. There is a fair amount of protein in the meals which is helpful in burning fat as fuel and there is virtually no sugar or oils consumed.

It also recommends doing 20 minutes of any kind of daily exercise, even a vigorous walk meets criteria.


When followed as directed has proved highly successful for many people.

The Holiday Diet is limited in choices but does offer a variety of foods including bread, fruit, salad, meat, yogurt, coffee and tea. When no portion restrictions are indicated you can eat as much as you like.

This diet is well detailed, leaving little or no decision making which makes it a step by step, day to day plan. Some people find it helpful when they do not have to decide, you just look on the chart and it will tell you exactly what your next meal will be.

It is a good way to kick start your weight loss before starting a more appropriate and healthier diet plan if you want to see results quickly.

No counting calories or carbohydrates


There is almost no sugar in The Holiday Diet except for the sugars in the bread and fruit. Due to the low sugar amounts, some people may experience some dizziness, light headedness or fatigue during the program, especially if sugar consumption was regularly consumed before starting the diet.

Hunger levels between meals can be high but you can fill up with water (or soda water) at any time to help curve the cravings.

This diet is not a long term solution. It is low in calories and lacks some nutrition and should not be done more than twice a year; it was created to lose weight fast for an upcoming event or special occasion.

For this diet to work at its best it must be followed in detail to achieve the best weight loss results.

Here is the diet for your review:

The Holiday Diet

1st Day
Breakfast - Black Coffee, no sugar, and one good sized bread or dinner roll. Any kind will do, from white to whole wheat, your choice. You may have 2 smaller sized rolls if you don't have any large ones on hand.

Lunch - 2 boiled eggs, with spinach (cooked or raw) lightly salted OR cucumber, radish and salad

Dinner - One grilled piece of meat, any size and any kind. Salt, Pepper and mustard

2nd Day

Breakfast - Same as day one

Lunch - One grilled piece of meat, any size and any kind and salad

Dinner - Black Forest Ham OR Corn Beef, as much as you want, horseradish and mustard

3rd Day

Breakfast - Same as day one

Lunch - 2 Boiled eggs, tomatoes and salad

Dinner - Black forest ham or corn beef and salad

4th Day

Breakfast - Same as day one

Lunch - 1 boiled egg, carrots (raw or boiled) and a piece of cheese (any kinds and as much as you want)

Dinner - Yogurt and fruit, as much as you want

5th Day

Breakfast - Same as day one

Lunch - Grilled or steamed fish, tomatoes and lemon

Dinner - One piece of grilled meat, any kind any size and salad

6th Day

Breakfast - Same as day one

Lunch - Grilled chicken as much as you want (grilled chicken is a good choice) - as you notice, no salad

Dinner - 2 Boiled eggs and carrots

7th Day

Breakfast - Tea with Lemon or black coffee, no bun today

Lunch - Grilled meat any kind any size and fruit

Dinner - Pick any supper from choices above

Repeat these 7 days again as this is a two week diet to work effectively.


While on The Holiday Diet you may consume as much water or soda water you like anytime during the 14 days.

When no portion is specified you can eat as much as you like for whatever they are suggesting for that meal.

All spices and condiments mentioned such as salt, pepper, mustard and horseradish are optional, but refrain from using salad dressings, oils or butter.

As with any weight loss program, if you experience any kind of negative side effects stop the program immediately.


The Holiday diet is a useful tool if you want to lose weight fast for an upcoming vacation, special event or simply to initiate weight loss quickly.

But this program is not a long term solution as it is very low in calories and is not nutritionally balanced and does not maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you would like to give it a try, taking a vitamin and mineral supplement during those 14 days may be beneficial.

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