Herbal Tea Benefits
Flavors and Aromas that Soothe

Herbal Tea Benefits offer a caffeine free solution to aid in a multitude of health issues including weight loss.

Herbal Tea Benefits

These teas are truly in a class of their own.

This is because herbal teas do not come from the Camellia sinensis bush like all other teas. These teas typically contain dried fruits, flowers, herbs, roots, spices or other parts of plants and are also called herbal infusions or tisanes.

When boiling water is added to these ingredients, we get an herbal infusion, providing us with all the plant’s benefits in a form that is easy to absorb and digest.

Herbal Tea Benefits and Weight Loss:

Know when it comes to weight loss all teas are beneficial to drink whether they contain caffeine or not as long as they are enjoyed in their natural state and not loaded with any high calorie sweeteners. 

The biggest reason they work is because you are basically drinking water, sure the tea bag (or leaves) will add flavor and certain health benefits depending on which tea you choose but the main ingredient is simply water.

And we all know that water is amazing when it comes to weight loss as it hydrates us, helps carry nutrients and detoxifies the body.  It also helps increase metabolism, fills up our tummies and contains no calories making this beverage a great choice to help shed those pounds. 

Here are some recognized herbal tea benefits:

  • relieves stress levels
  • helps battle insomnia
  • helps with constipation
  • aids in digestion
  • improves cardiovascular function
  • helps with cold and flu symptoms
  • promotes general health and wellness

Infusions known to help minimize stress levels, anxiety, insomnia or hypertension:

Chamomile – a traditional remedy for stress, anxiety and insomnia. Also is known to reduce inflammation and indigestion.

Passion flower – combats anxiety, hyperactivity and insomnia

Rooibos – helps with insomnia, irritability and hypertension

Lemon balm –works mainly as a gentle sedative and digestive aid

Valerian – good for anxiety, fatigue and insomnia and much more

Infusions known to help relieve constipation:

Cascara – Acts as a colon cleaner and laxative to aid constipation

Senna – helps the intestinal movements in the digestive tract making this a natural laxative

Dandelion – has a long list of benefits – just to name a few are: cleanses the blood and liver and increases bile production - helps with constipation and much more

Infusions known to aid in digestion:

Peppermint – helps with stomach and digestive issues and freshens the breath

Slippery elm – may help relieve stomach cramps and other gastrointestinal problems

Fennel – has been used to aid in digestion and help with upper respiratory troubles

More Infusions and their Herbal Tea Benefits:

Lemmon Grass – good for the skin and nails. It also known to help with headaches, flu and fever

Chrysanthemum – Chinese medicine use it to reduce a fever and prevent sore throats

Hawthorne - has been used to improve cardiovascular function

Sarsaparilla – commonly used for skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis - May have anti-inflammatory benefits and help circulation

Hibiscus – is believed to reduce high blood pressure and relieve menstrual cramps

Ginger - used to treat numerous health issues from circulatory problems, bowel disorders, arthritis, fever, headache, motion sickness, nausea and indigestion

The above listed teas are just a few of the many infusions you can choose from. There is an abundance of choices, each offering amazing tastes, aromas and benefits. Have fun and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Important Note:

If you are incorporating tea into your daily diet to combat a medical condition, please familiarize yourself with their ingredients and review any prescription medications or supplements you are taking.

Most herbal infusions are safe but you should always consult your doctor to make sure none of the herbs will interfere with your medication’s effectiveness.

The knowledge of tea is inspiring and there are so many flavors to choose from. Come join us and become a tea toddler too.

You can sip a cup of the good stuff to help battle weight loss, insomnia, anxiety, stress, digestive issues, or other medical conditions.

There is a plethora of teas to choose from now a days. So take the time to investigate all the choices and start enjoying the pleasures of all the herbal tea benefits that these delicious infusions have to offer.  


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