Healthy Diet Snacks in Weight Loss Targets

by All Diet Reviews

Healthy diet snacks! Isn't that an oxymoron? Can snacks ever be healthy? I thought the prime reason that people put on weight and fail to achieve their weight loss goals, is snacking. Most weight loss experts now say that snacking is an essential part of a healthy diet, as long as the snacks are not the high salt, high sugar type.

So, can snacks be part of a healthy diet? Or are there snacks that qualify as healthy food -- you know, the low fat, low salt, high fiber type? The answer to that question is yes.

Which Snacks Qualify?

Before you set off for the grocery store thinking that all you need to do is pick up a few packs of healthy diet snacks, be warned. While what I am about to list below do come in the categories of health food and snacks, most of these do not come in a packet that you rip open and gobble up; a.k.a. potato chips.

Let us investigate some foods that can be good snacks.

The first is low fat yogurt. This one does come ready in a pack, and you can just open one and eat it when you are hungry. Low fat yogurt contributes significantly to achieving weight loss targets, as well.

The next, believe it or not, is popcorn. There is a disclaimer here though. The high salt, buttery popcorn does not qualify. If you pop your own corn using a little unsaturated fat, this can be a healthy diet snack.

The third type -- the one being recommended by Doctors, as well as nutritionists alike, is nuts. Not only do they fill up the stomach and satisfy the hunger pangs, but they also help increase the good cholesterol in your body. Almonds and walnuts are particularly recommended. However, do remember, just a handful, about six almonds, or six walnut halves.

Fruits, of course, qualify, but many of us do not think of fruits as a snack. Fruits not only fill the stomach, but are rich in various vitamins and minerals-- an immensely healthy snack.

Why Are Healthy Diet Snacks Not Working For You?

You have been on a weight loss program for over six months and the scale needle does not appear to have moved at all. You have been honest with yourself. You only eat as per your diet chart, and you have snacked only on healthy diet snacks. Then why are you not seeing the desired results?

This problem occurs with many people, and the answer lies in portion control. Have you been keeping track of what and how much you are eating? You may think that you are eating low calorie foods, and, hence, can munch on them through the day. This is not true. Keep track of how much and what you are eating. Keep a little notepad in your bag, and jot down whatever you have eaten throughout the day. At the end of the week, when you look through this diary, you will be able to assess whether you ate right and your snacking was made up of healthy diet snacks.

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Feb 01, 2014
Helpful Info
by: Mario

I work shift work and am a big snacker. I can definitely work with the popcorn and fruit. Thanks

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