The Food Combining Diet
Facts and Review

The food combining diet is not only used as a successful weight loss tool, it is a lifestyle that has helped millions of people to resolve many health issues and improve their level of well-being.

It is simple to follow and there is a link at the bottom of the page which provides you with a handy chart. You don't have to go to extremes for the this diet to work, even small changes add up to show significant results.

In fact food combining can prevent stomach bloating, gas pain, constipation, heart burn, stomachache and acid reflux just to name a few.

The food combining diet is probably the least understood healthy weight loss program out there.

How Does the Food Combining Diet Work?

This program is simply learning how to combine different foods at meal time for faster and easier digestion.

It involves the knowledge of how certain foods are digested differently.

For instance protein requires hydrochloric acid and pepsin from the stomach and starchy foods require alkaline juices which are supplied initially in the mouth.

The laws of chemistry state that acids and alkaline bases will neutralize each other (wipe each other out, so to speak). So if you eat protein and starch together you slow down the process so much you can actually double digestion time.

Why slow digestion is bad?

When the food we eat takes longer to digest it increases fermentation and the onset of toxins in your intestinal tract causing indigestion, bloating, weight gain, and the possibility of countless other problems.

It also takes a lot more energy to digest a meal that has starches and proteins mixed together.

Let’s face it, after that big feast at Christmas or Thanksgiving were we mix an abundance of foods together, topped off with dessert, most of us certainly don’t feel like taking a jog around the block, instead we choose a leisurely walk straight to the couch.


  • Natural Weight Loss without calorie counting
  • Helps maintain your ideal weight
  • Maintains healthy digestion and helps avoid issues such as excessive gas, bloating, heart burn, acid reflux, constipation (to name a few)
  • You do not have to take food combining to the extreme to get results


May be tough for some people to follow especially when ordering at a restaurant or purchasing convenience foods.

The weight loss you achieve is slow and steady; this is not a quick fix fad diet.


There are lots of articles and opinions that will tell you that food combining holds little merit, though my experience tells me otherwise.

After countless years of suffering with weight loss and disease this is the only weight loss program that has kept me healthy and at my ideal weight for years, so yes, I am a believer.

Following a food combining diet (or lifestyle) is definitely worth trying especially for those who suffer from digestive issues.

You tend to eat more meals throughout the day because digestion is so fast. It is kind of like eating that big plate of Chinese food which is comprised mostly of veggies, you get hungry faster, but it’s all good due to the amount of vegetables you eat.

If you love eating your meat and potatoes together this diet plan will be a hard act to follow.

However if the rules that govern proper food combining don’t bother you the health benefits are many.

My top book choices on this topic:

Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond
Eating Alive by Dr. Jonn Matsen
The Complete Book of Food Combining by Jan Dries & Inge Dries


The rules of food combining do not have to be taken to extremes to work. A little gravy on your meat is not a big deal as long as you are enjoying a helping of non starchy vegetables with it. You get the picture.

Check out our food combining chart which can help you with meal planning. There is even a printable version.

Wishing you health and happiness

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