The Cotton Ball Diet
A Dangerous Weight Loss Trend

Really, the cotton ball diet has caught on?  I’m totally speechless.  Just looking at the picture below makes me gag.

I myself in the earlier years have fasted for days so I could quickly lose enough weight before going on a vacation or attending a special event, but really this is some crazy fad. 

I don’t want to judge and I know losing weight can be really hard, but this is dangerous weight loss not to mention it sounds really gross.   

But all through the internet in chat rooms and YouTube videos there are girls sharing their experience about this latest weight loss trend. 

Even Eddie Murphy’s daughter Bria who has taken on a modelling career talked about this diet trend on Good Morning America and she was also surprised to hear that some models have gone to this extreme.   

The name of this diet pretty much explains the trend.  Many young girls are resorting to the cotton ball diet which entails dipping cotton balls in orange juice, apple juice, lemonade or whatever is handy and eating them.

The girls say it is an easy way to feel full without gaining weight.  As horrible this all sounds to me it is becoming more and more popular with many young girls.  Girls as young as nine years old who might not realize the real dangers involved. 

So the amounts eaten of course will depend on the individual.  Some girls will eat just a few to curb their appetite and limit their food intake while others will actually consume enough of these fluffy fillers as a whole meal replacement.  Some girls say they can eat up to 5 cotton balls in one sitting and sometimes even more.

The Dangerous of the Cotton Ball Diet:

Though it is still possible to buy cottons balls that are actually still made from cotton, most are made of bleached polyester fibers or other man made ingredients that definitely where not made to be ingested. 

This is the same reason the ingredients are not written on the package as their contents were not manufactured to be eaten.  

Health professional and studies have shown that this new diet trend can be dangerous and could bring on the following dangers:

  • Risk of choking
  • Risk of Malnutrition
  • Partial or full obstruction of the intestinal tract (depending on severity can be life threatening)

This latest diet trend is considered to be an eating disorder by many health professionals.

So if you know of a loved one or friend that wants to go down this path please let them know your concerns and why they shouldn’t go for it.

Wow, I know it’s hard to lose weight but being thin isn’t rewarding if we become sick in the process.

Wishing you Healthy and Happiness

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