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HWLH News Letter for April 2021 - Issue #0089 - Exercise and Weight Loss - Speed Up Your Progress
April 01, 2021
Welcome to HWLH News Letter

April 2021 - #089 - Exercise and Weight Loss - Speed Up Your Progress

Hello One and All

Yes, spring is finally here and it seems like most of us have all this extra energy to get out and about and have a little fun.

There is no better time to add a little physical activity into our everyday lives to help us drop some extra weight.

For those of us who daily encounter the “battle of the bulge” we know very well that exercise accelerates weight loss and it is so important that we somehow incorporate some physical activity into our everyday lives.

Moving more is not only important to drop pounds but it is really a great way to stay healthy, especially for heart health.

The Benefits of Exercise (just a quick refresher to help get us motivated)

Research has shown that the benefits of exercise can help achieve the following:

Weight Loss

Weight loss of course is number one on the list, because exercising is a simple way to burn more calories, no matter what exercise you choose to do.

Greater Self Esteem

Through fitness you can gain control of your body weight which can lead to increased self-esteem.

You have disciplined yourself and worked really hard to look and feel better. That positive feeling will shine through in everything you do.

Reduces Stress Levels and Depression

Studies have shown that exercising regularly can help reduce mild to moderate depression. This stems from the fact that greater self-esteem and higher energy levels are achieved.

Also daily activity takes your focus off many things in life that may be frustrating and instead the focus is on your fitness routine.

There is little time to think and worry when your day is filled with activity.

Many people also get a better night sleep which enables them to handle the everyday stress of life with a greater strength.

Increased Energy Levels

By increasing oxygen levels we increase our energy levels. Oxygen is the most critical element necessary for good health.

When we do any type of physical fitness or even deep breathing we are increasing our oxygen intake and cleansing our bodies.

Increased Body Strength

Any physical activity makes are bodies work harder and whether it is a brisk walk or pumping weights, your body is becoming stronger.

Reduced Risk of Heart Attack

When you exercise you are increasing your heart rate which in return strengthens the heart’s muscle. It is like any other muscle in your body, it needs to be maintained through good nutrition and fitness.

Living Longer

Studies have shown that people who are active in their everyday lives live longer. That would make sense since all the other benefits of exercise we have mentioned are achieved.

Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis

As the population age’s osteoporosis has become a major concern in today’s society.

Exercise is essential for maintaining strong muscles and bones and we know strong bones reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

All these listed benefits are connected and help maintain a balanced life, mentally and physically.

Exercise Choices - So Which One is Your Favorite?

When it comes to exercise choices, have you ever heard the expression, no pain, no gain?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are physical activities that are fun, simple and safe that you can add to your busy schedule for added health benefits and weight loss.

Which Exercise Suits Your Lifestyle the Best?

There are many ways to get active. Here are just a few examples.

Walking Power

What a simple but effective weight loss exercise. You can do it anywhere, at any time and no special equipment is needed.

Walking has become an extremely popular activity and more and more people are taking up walking every year.

For many, walking is much easier on the body than running, but this would be a personal choice that best suits the individual. Gradually you can build up to faster and longer walks to get optimal results.

When you consider that walking is probably the easiest form of exercise that you can do, it is hard to believe the benefits of walking are so plentiful.

Check out this "Simple Walking Program" to get you started. It really is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.

Ball Exercises

There are so many of us who love Ball Exercises, not only for the weightless sensation and the ease they can be done, but for the amazing body benefits you achieve.

These exercises are more relaxing, yet you still achieve, spine, waist line, coordination, and flexibility, and muscle tone, postural and cardiovascular benefits.

Not only is this work out fun but fitness balls are relatively inexpensive and once you know how to choose the right exercise ball you are well on your way.

This style of fitness can be done in the comfort of your own home or are sometimes offered for groups at your local fitness club or possibly at places such as the YMCA.

The Weightless World of Swimming

If you enjoy the water or have a lot of weight to lose, swimming might be even better than walking.

When in water you can feel weightless. Since water supports the weight of your body, swimming or other water activities can be fun and easy on the body.

Try going to the pool 2 times a week for a 15 minute swim and increase swimming times as you improve.

Trampoline Fun & Fitness

It looks like trampolining has become an extremely popular activity. They are popping up in more and more backyards lately.

Jumping up and down on a trampoline is called rebounding and the benefits are totally amazing.

Rebounding is not only for the kids. It can be great fun and exercise for us adults too.

Jogging and Running

Do you prefer jogging instead? Running is another great form of exercise which offers not only weight loss but helps you achieve better overall health.

Want more exercise choices?

Some other exercise choices could be cycling, dancing, golfing, skiing, skating, kayaking, indoor aerobics, team sports, gardening and there are many more.

There are many exercises choices available, so pick one that would best suite your life style and time schedule.

But most of all choose something you enjoy.

Whether you favor to work out alone or prefer to make it a social event with family or friends, just try to allocate a little time for exercise every day.

Enjoy all those health benefits while having fun.

More Exercise = More Weight Loss = More Health Benefits

Take care of each other and

Until next time…

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Wishing you health and happiness
Until next time
Catherine :)

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