Fat Loss Factor Review

Is It a Scam or Success Program?

Hi everyone, it’s Catherine and here is The Fat Loss Factor Review that many of you, our visitors, have been asking for to help you decide whether this weight loss program is right for you.   

Many of us (including myself) have been swayed time and time again with false promises on so many diet programs out there it’s hard to believe anything anymore.  So if you want to know whether this weight loss program really works then this will be the most important review you will ever read.

So we purchased the program and put it through the test and here is what we found.

Why is the FLF program so crazy in popularity right now? 

The reason this program has sky rocketed in popularity is because you can eat some of the foods that you really like (such as hamburgers, ice cream, pizza) in moderation and still burn fat and achieve weight loss.  You can eat these foods on what is called your “cheat day”.  You’ll know exactly what to do as you read through the program.  

The Fat Loss Factor Review:

The program has been created by Dr Charles Livingston, a registered chiropractor and wellness specialist who has helped many of his patients improve their health and lose weight. Dr Charles knows what he’s talking about and with his knowledge and many positive results he has achieved with his patients he’s decided to create this weight loss system and share his knowledge.   

Dr Charles Livingston

For those of you who are familiar with my website you know that I am a true believer that proper liver function is needed for successful weight loss, and this is why I give this weight loss program a thumbs up.  We also know that the main cause of fatty liver disease is not alcoholism but rather obesity, though both are extremely destructive to the liver. 

Even the lemon drink used in his master cleanse is practically identical to the one I use in my healthy breakfast ritual.

People ask me why I’ve chosen this product to recommend and my main reason is that I only recommend products that truly gain results and help others.  Products that I myself have purchased read and put to the test.

What does the Fat Loss Factor Review Offer?

It is a simple well written step by step program that is easy to follow which is a real plus for those of us that have busy schedules, plus we can still enjoy some of our favorite foods while still achieving weight loss. 

Dr Charles Livingston has designed a structured eating plan which also incorporates a cheat day, yes as it is named you can eat the foods you love and want on this day.

 • The Fat Loss Factor is an easy to download eBook (electronic book) so you will receive it by e-mail as soon as you order.  It contains 141 pages of great information.
• Liver and Body cleansing Videos
• Pick Your Weight Loss Plan Calendars (steady, quick or turbo)
• Food Charts to guide you
• The FLF Diet Plan Fully Revealed (pages 82 – 85)
• Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Weight Loss Exercises
• Goal Setting Guide, Worksheets and Measurement Forms
• List of Foods designed for maximum weight loss and handy grocery List
• Special Weight Loss Recipes Book and Software
• Workout Routines
• 1 Full Year of Email Coaching
• And Much More

So what exactly can the Fat Loss Factor Review program do for you? 

You’re self esteem sure goes up as you feel better, stronger and begin to lose weight.  Even in the beginning when you lose a few extra pounds you will start feeling sexier. 

The no risk policy that comes with this program is what sold me.  This means it comes with a 60 day 100% refund policy with no questions asked.  You can’t get better than that.

I love the liver and body cleanses and all the special weight loss recipes that are included.  What a nice way to improve health and make weight loss more fun to achieve.

Many experience increased motivation since this proven weight loss plan has worked for so many others while it still lets you enjoy your favorite foods on cheat day.  Love It.

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We would love to hear about your weight loss success story once you’ve finished the program and would dedicate a page just to you and your experience.  Click here on our Weight Loss News page to share.  


Wishing you health and happiness

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