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HWLH News Letter for July 2019 - Issue #0068 - Why Protein Diets Always Work
July 01, 2019
Welcome to HWLH News Letter

July 2019 - Issue # 068 - Why Protein Diets Always Work

Hello everyone and happy holiday week.

To all our friends to the south we wish you a “Happy Fourth of July”.

To all our friends in the north we wish you Happy Canada Day”.

The weathers warm which means our wardrobe covers a lot less of our bodies, much less, like shorts, tank tops, sleeveless and shorter dresses and of course that summer swimsuit that may not fit so well any more.

As great as summer is, it can also be frustrating if we need to drop some weight and drop some of it fast.

For those of us who want to drop a few pounds to help fit into some of those summertime clothes, protein diets have always been a sure fire way to lose weight fast.

How Protein Diets Work:

Just as the name implies, this diet mainly consists of eating lots of protein, such as lean meats, seafood, eggs and beans.

Proteins can make you feel fuller for longer after eating a meal.

Have you ever stuffed yourself with a big plate of Chinese food that consisted mainly of vegetables only to feel hungry again about half an hour later?

That’s because veggies are digested much faster and studies have shown that our hunger is satisfied longer when we fill up with protein, particularly meat.

Increased Metabolism

A high protein diet may change a person’s metabolism. When you consume little or no carbohydrates the body looks for alternative fuel sources and begins to use our stored fat for energy.

This action is known as ketosis and works well for weight loss. But caution is required as this type of diet should’t be used for long periods of time. A two week period usually works well and can show significant results.

The Holiday Diet (which is on our site under types of diets) is a good example of a high protein diet as it provides little carbohydrates but lots of protein.

Pros of a Protein Diet:

Not only can you achieve weight loss but high protein diets usually follow the concept of proper food combining which can often help with stomach bloating.

After about 3 or 4 days it feels like your tummy has shrunk in size.

To truly lose a descent amount of weight most of these diets encourage drinking lots of water which helps detox the body and keep calorie intake low.

Cons of a Protein Diet

Since you’re loading up on protein (mainly meats) and decreasing the amount of other healthy foods which contain much needed fiber (veggies and fruits), temporary constipation can become an issue.

Other possible side effects may also include headache, temporary feeling of weakness due to low blood sugar, headache, dizziness and bad breath.

If you are a meat lover this diet may be easy to swallow but it is not nutritionally balanced and lacks many of the daily nutrients we need. Taking a vitamin and mineral supplement during this time can be beneficial.


For those who use high protein diets for weight loss this type of plan should only be used as a quick fix.

Eating is this fashion for months can bring about serious health issues.

As with any weight loss program, if you experience any kind of negative side effects stop the program immediately.

Choose Lean Proteins:

Fowl such as chicken, turkey, pheasant and duck


Lean cuts of pork such as pork chops

Lean cuts of beef



Proteins to Eat in Moderation:

Cheese (some cheeses are rich in calories & fat)

Nuts & Seeds (contain a fair amount of oil)

Meats that may contain fillers and be higher in fat content such as hot dogs, sausage and bacon

The fat content is truly common sense and if in doubt check the nutritional facts label on the products you buy.

Tips for High Protein Diets:

When preparing meals avoid frying foods and prepare instead by grilling, baking, broiling or steaming using minimal amount of butter and oils.

As mentioned above drinking lots of water helps keep you hydrated, helps curve hunger pains and is calorie free.

Try eating only 3 meals a day and avoid snacking at all costs. Just think this is only temporary as high protein diets shouldn't really last longer than approximately 2 weeks or so.

To increase weight loss success, follow the golden rule of food combining and avoid mixing proteins and starches.

It’s really quite simple; just enjoy your protein with vegetables that contain little or no starch such as green salads or steamed broccoli.

Avoid potatoes and rice if possible as those are high in starch.

It doesn't have to be an exact science and you can use the Food Combining Chart to get a better grasp of the concept.

Happy July Holidays All!

Your Opinion Counts:

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Use our Contact Us page - or our Weight Loss News page (Your Story Counts).

Wishing you health and happiness
Until next time
Catherine :)

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