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HWLH News Letter for May 2019 - Issue #0066 - Are Diet Sodas Good or Bad for Weight Loss?
May 01, 2019
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May 2019 - Issue # 066 - Are Diet Sodas Good or Bad for Weight Loss?

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To Drink or Not to Drink – That is the Question

When it comes to diet soda (or pop), there are sure a whole lot of articles that will tell you just how bad these drinks are, whether your dieting or not, BUT IS IT TRUE?

We know the biggest benefit of a diet soda is that calorie wise it is guilt free. Yes, compared to regular soft drinks which have around 150 calories per can, most diet sodas have zero calories.

So if you absolutely cannot live without your soda, then seriously, it’s a no brainer to substitute a regular soda for a diet soda when you’re dieting.

What is Diet Soda Made of?

It’s made up of a whole lot of stuff that isn't really that great. Though this picture didn't turn out that well (and believe me I tried), it shows the list of ingredients on a can of a diet coke.

It’s essentially made of:

Carbonated Water

Sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharin, stevia and others

Coloring usually from carotenoids, anthocyanins and caramels

Acids such as phosphoric, citric, and malic acids

Flavoring to give each cola its unique taste


Caffeine which can contain approximately 34 to 46 mg of caffeine per can

Points to Consider

All sodas (diet or otherwise) offer no nutritional value what-so-ever (unless you are buying some type of soda with added vitamins, which is possible, but unlikely).

They contain caffeine which is a stimulant that should be taken in moderation. Small amounts of caffeine can boost your energy levels and mental and physical performance.

But too much caffeine can cause all kinds of problems such as insomnia, nervousness, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, digestive issues and more.

Then there is the concern that artificial sweeteners are bad for us, with the biggest fear that sweeteners may cause cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute there is no concrete evidence to date that proves that artificial sweeteners present any major health problems at all and that includes developing cancer.

So far studies show that sweeteners are safe when consumed in moderate amounts.

Another fear is that sugar substitutes can cause weight gain.

Though many have stated that their tests show this to be true, no real evidence yet has been provided proving this to be true either.


These zero calorie substitutes can help decrease daily calorie intake, which has helped many people achieve weight loss.

Can be a useful sugar alternative for people living with diabetes.

Soda (pop) has no nutritional value yet our bodies (liver, kidneys) have to filter out the ingredients of this drink which is an added strain on the organs.

That is why water is always considered the best drink for weight loss and health, because even though water has no nutritional value like vegetable juices, water is a miracle liquid.

It is calorie free and helps detoxify and hydrate the body. Yes, water is amazing and should always be our first choice to lose weight and increase our health.

The majority of people who are very health conscious wouldn't even consider drinking soda at all.

These are the people who eat right, snack right and exercise right and because of their very healthy lifestyle do not have any weight problems to battle.

I am sadly not in that category because I do like to have that occasional chocolate bar or greasy meal which is why I do have some weight challenges.

That's why I love eating lots and lots of homemade soups. They are nutritious and low in calories which helps me keep my weight from getting really out of hand.

So if you don’t have a perfectly healthy diet and lifestyle and you need to watch your calorie intake at times, there is nothing wrong with a diet soda now and then.

Fun Fact - Saccharin was the very first artificial sweetener and was discovered in 1879 by accident by a chemistry assistant called Fahlberg.

By 1917 the use of this sweetener sky rocketed in America and Europe.


MODERATION IS KEY and that applies to most things in life.

One or two diet sodas a day can be beneficial if used properly when maintaining calories in a diet.

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Wishing you health and happiness
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