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HWLH News Letter for May 2018 - Issue #0054 - The Benefits of Doing Castor Oil Packs for Liver Detox
May 01, 2018
Welcome to HWLH News Letter

May 2018 - Issue # 054 - Castor Oil Packs for Liver Detox.

Hi Everybody and Happy Spring.

Do you ever feel kind of sluggish or feel like you could use a little pick-me-up to regain some energy and get a little rejuvenated?

Then you've got to try one of these Castor oil packs.

They help detox the body and while you have the pack on, you get total relaxation.

If you think you might be interested, here are the details.

I love these kind of remedies that are easy to do at home and that actually help improve ones health.

Just as the title suggests, castor oil packs can help detox the liver and helps improve lymphatic drainage.

This simple remedy can be done on a regular basis.

What is Castor Oil?

This oil has been used for its medicinal properties since the ancient times of Egypt, India, China, Peru and other countries.

It’s a vegetable oil made from Castor seeds. This oil looks similar to other oils. It is light in color and doesn't have much of an odor. But Castor oil has one ingredient that other oils do not.

It has a beneficial fatty acid called ricinoleic acid and it’s because of this acid they believe it offers us so many health benefits.

How it Works?

When you apply a cloth soaked in castor oil to any part of your body, topical absorption happens and we absorb the oil into our tissues.

When we apply heat to this process it allows the absorption to go into deeper layers of tissue. Castor oil then can help detox the liver and improves lymphatic drainage and circulation.

The lymphatic system of our bodies is critical to maintain health. This system helps drain away toxins, which then goes to the liver for filtering before our bodies eliminate them.

Both the lymphatic system and the liver can become overwhelmed, overworked and can get clogged up. This can create weight gain, fatigue and will weaken our immune system.

Any time we can help relieve the liver and the lymphatic system is an added benefit to improve health and definitely help with disease prevention.

Which Castor Oil to Buy?

Today you can buy Castor oil just about anywhere, but many brands use Castor seeds that have been heavily sprayed with pesticides and that will defeat the purpose of this detox.

Please buy cold pressed organic Castor oil for best results.

Stuff You will Need to do this Treatment:

1 large beach towel
Heating pad (or hot water bottle)
1 medium size plastic trash bag
Organic cold pressed Castor oil
A teaspoon baking soda
1 cup of warm water
Large zip-lock bag
Large piece of natural, unbleached wool flannel or cotton flannel

It takes about 1 to 1.5 hours for the treatment.

For complete step by step instructions I have included a link to an Edgar Casey video that gives you all the details.

The video is about 7 minutes in length, but shows you exactly how to do the Castor oil pack for full benefits.

I chose the latest video offered by the Edgar Casey website, because he was one of the creators who believed in this treatment. Let’s just say he was the modern pioneer of this treatment.

Here is the video link: Castor Oil Pack Video by Edgar Cayce

How often should you do this treatment?

According to the Edgar Casey website, Castor oil packs should be done in cycles.

For instance you could do a treatment anywhere between 3 – 7 times in a week. Then take a few days, few weeks or few months before the next treatment.

This really depends on the condition of your health.

Personally, I’m happy to do 3 days in a row every 1 – 2 months. It’s a mini detox that is also very relaxing and a welcomed re-energized feeling follows.


You may want to put on older clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit oily, just in case.

There are many places you can buy the supplies you need for this treatment. From local health stores to many on-line stores, there are lots of products available.

Comparing prices is a good idea as prices can vary greatly for the same product.


Do not use on abdomen during menstruation or pregnancy.

Hope you give it a try.

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Wishing you health and happiness
Until next time
Catherine :)

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